Adapted and Directed by Billy Horn

Based on the film Kayfabe by Michael Raven, Michael Scully and Pete Smith

Produced through special arrangement with Kayfabe Productions.


Randy “The Rocket” Tyler

Heel in the ring, babyface in real life, locker room leader, looked up to by the boys. Would’ve made it to the big leagues if not for an accident at the hands of his former best friend Steve.


Steve Justice

TCICWF’s biggest star, babyface in the ring, spent some time on “the big show”, giving him a superiority complex.                                                                  


Al Thompson

Grizzled old vet, owner and booker of the TCICWF. Old school with 36 years in the business.


Wendy Thompson

Al’s daughter, in college but still works occasional shows when her dad needs a worker.


Todd Power

Wendy’s boyfriend. A complete outsider to the world of pro wrestling.                                                


Lucky Lupichuk

What he lacks in talent he makes up for in enthusiasm, TCICWF’s resident hardcore wrestler.


Casa “Super” Nova

Extremely confident and a bit of an exhibitionist.


Tomahawk Jaques

A gentle giant of French Canadian- Irish- Indigenous decent. Has lines in French.


El Roboto Magnifico

Masked wrestler of small stature


Bill the fan

A fan named Bill


Marco Pain

TCICWF’s color commentator, loves the ladies and metaphors                    

Jenny Swagger

Play by play announcer, plays the straight man to Marco’s antics.


Feral Streep

A masked wrestler.


Girls at the bar

The victims of Marco’s terrible pick up lines.


The Ref

A ref.